Chop, chop, chop! Fry, Fry, Fry! Where is the lettuce for this burger? WHY IS THE KITCHEN ON FIRE?!?!

‘Uh-oh’ I hear you think*, ‘Liam’s been left unsupervised in the kitchen again.’ Well, you’re wrong, and I’m a better cook than that, shame on you for thinking otherwise! I have in fact just completed another game (two in one year, three if you include Resident Evil again). Every month Xbox Live provides four free games to all Gold Members and the other month it served up a treat, the terribly addictive Overcooked.

IMG_11cb2035-b4ee-4d4d-a66b-1989ba131ee7.pngOvercooked is a simple enough game to play but solid to get right! Made and developed by Ghost Town Games and Team 17 (the people who gave you worms), Overcooked drops you and your friends (if you have any) into a kitchen and starts throwing food orders at you. The more orders you get right on time, the more money you make and the more stars you earn. Sounds simple, right?

It is. It’s very simple. If you’re happy getting through life with only one star, it’s dead easy; but if you want to complete the game, one star won’t be enough. You’ll need to achieve three.

IMG_853b6c20-8b66-4a19-8221-30cae3ade904.pngSo how can a game about chopping, cooking and serving food be so difficult? There’s a time limit for a start and no matter how on top you are, the orders don’t stop (so, like Nando’s at lunch time I’m guessing). It starts off pretty easy, chop-chop-chopping away and serving food, but then something will happen like running out of clean dishes. ‘No problem’ you think, ‘I’ll just clean them’. But if you’re cleaning the dishes, who is sorting out the next meal whilst the timer clicks down on the order? Who is making sure the oven isn’t burning your food? Before you know it, the kitchen is on fire and you have to bin the pizza and make it again, wasting valuable time and missing out on your precious tips – carnage, but so much fun!

I have only experienced the game on single player and I think that I will need a sous-chef to achieve all of the stars. Just like in real life, I can’t do everything myself! I really enjoyed it and purchased the DLC so that I could play more after I’d completed the main game.

IMG_942e9668-bc1c-4092-9dc9-e49bb174563b.pngIf you run a business and want to send your employees on a time-management-and-efficiency course, save your money. Buy an Xbox One and a copy of Overcooked and lock them in the boardroom. Tell them the course is over when they have completed the game – you’ll start seeing a better organized team before the weekend!

If you want to know more about Overcooked, head on over to their website by clicking here. The game is available on most formats. Overcooked 2 is out now too, it’s on my wish list…

IMG_e5c84a25-1216-4f2c-8c42-6a48fac4e442.pngAnd how about you? Any tips for Overcooked? Has the game inspired you to open up your own restaurant with an illogical kitchen design? If it has, I’d love to hear about it in the comments!

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*DISCLAIMER – I can hear your thoughts